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Yoga Oil Australia creator: Alana Rushton

Alana Rushton

I’m a girl who is melted by the look, smell and feel of flowers.

So, what am I to do when I see the tiny, yet captivating, pink bloom of the Scented Emu Bush?

Turn it into a world-first essential oil business of course!

Now, I wasn’t actively looking for project based solely on the whim of a pretty Australian flower, but making this intriguing product with the support of my hubby and kids has been fantastic brain food.

Following a career in journalism and politics, we nurtured two gorgeous (but busy boys) – and, I found Yoga and Body Balance classes were a saviour in re-connecting me, with myself.

I was searching for a way to move, feel good and de-stress – plus, I have an interest in good quality products not laden with crazy numbered chemicals.

It’s important to know what goes into your body’s biggest organ, so the 100 % organic, pure plant ingredients ensure there is no alcohol or synthetic fillers in this subtle fragrance.

After watching yoga enthusiasts use natural, but ‘very strong, undiluted ’essential oils on their skin during practice – I had a brainwave to create a beautiful scent, distributed in a safe and easy roller-ball application.

It also helps that the plant is useful in three ways – allowing your respiratory system to clear, creating a unique and pleasant aroma, and giving you the power to create your own rare, and relaxing ritual whenever you need it.

At the end of the day - the key to this product is valuing yourself.

Taking the timeout you need – without doubt or feelings of guilt.
Looking after your precious head-space, and the gift of a body that can be busy or still.

Use Yoga Oil Australia whenever you want to escape into nature.

Let go of your racing mind, and let the positivity in Xx Alana


Yoga oil Australia producer: Edmund Gooden

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Sacred Grove owner, Edmund Gooden, has had a long and deep appreciation for the natural world.

Something, which he cherishes teaching his two young boys about.

So much so, that he has planted a forest of Sandalwood trees to harvest for their future income in 15 years – knowing he is instilling his values of hard work and patience, equals reward.

Like his sons, Edmund started off bird watching as a boy.

It’s no surprise, that after travelling the world, he progressed to working in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands (in the remote north west of South Australia) in the 1990’s , where he caught wild camels for a living.

Over time spent with the Aboriginal communities, he learned about the use of the Scented Emu Bush, and its huge place in traditional Anangu culture.

Edmund began trying the healing properties of the plant for himself – and his infatuation with the precious native, known as “irmangka -irmangka’ grew.

Sacred Grove – a Certified Organic plantation was the end result, with the ability to cultivate and develop the bush at his property in Belvidere, South Australia.

With products in his Scented Emu Bush collection including massage oils, antiseptic creams and relaxing tea – he has a well-established understanding for the varied uses of the plant.

It was a chance meeting with Alana at a native plant stall in September 2015, that led them both on a journey to further develop the use of the ‘bush medicine’.

Edmund is living his dream of allowing you the opportunity to try this special plant he wishes to promote, and carry on the preservation and respect for Anangu Pitjantjatjara culture.