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Yoga Oil (15ml)
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Roller-ball relaxation oil (15ml) for yoga and meditation.
Calm your mind and open your airways with the healing properties of the Scented Emu Bush - used by Indigenous Australians' as a medicinal plant to clear the respiratory system.

Apply topically to the skin on your chest, length of your inner arms, temples and under your nose.

Certified by the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia (NASAA), which supports the education of industry and consumers on organic, biodynamic and sustainable agricultural practices.

Ingredients: NASAA Certified Organic Olive Oil (#5325), NASAA Certified Organic Scented Emu Bush - Eremophila alternifolia raw infused and essential oil (#5426)

NOTE: Avoid use during pregnancy. Spot test and seek medical treatment if any skin reactions occur. Oil may stain light-coloured clothing.

Produced for Yoga Oil Australia by
Sacred Grove, 32 Milang Rd, Belvidere SA 5255
Cert number #5426