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The Scented Emu Bush, Eremophila alternifolia, is of mystic and sacred significance for Australian indigenous elders, worshipped as their top medical plant. Known under many languages, it is named ‘irmangka irmangka’ in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands where Edmund, the producer, first learnt of its value.

With over 200 species of the Eremophila, the name is said to be translated as both “desert” and “beloved” as the plant can survive in harsh conditions such as drought, flooding, frost, sun and wind.

Acknowledged as a healing plant, and most-commonly used bush medicine, it has been used to treat many common ailments.

It is understood that the plant helps to dilate blood vessels – thus its perfect pairing for Yoga Oil Australia to assist with relaxation.

Traditionally is has been used for the relief of muscle and joint pain, as a decongestant (helps breathing passages), expectorant (clears mucus) as well as for its antiseptic properties on minor cuts or abrasions.

Interestingly it has also been used as a general wellness and sleep tonic.

Utilised in many different ways, the plant has traditionally been crushed, inhaled over coals, used in drinks, applied directly onto the skin, and also smoked into the air for symbolic cultural ceremonies.



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Image depicts the wild growth of the Scented Emu Bush around Australia